Thursday, 23 February 2017

Queen Bee Liz's Plus and X's Block Tutorial

This month Liz is our Queen Bee, and she has provided the following tutorial for making her Plus and X's Block.  She requests that you use bright fabrics that contrast with each other. As stated she will provide the green "D" fabric. Please refer to the instruction sheet she provided at the meeting for cutting measurements and fabric requirements.

Plus and X's Block 10.5" unfinished

Cut fabric according to instruction sheet.  I will be providing the Material for D Blocks, the rest please use bright colours and contrast colours for sections.  I am not opposed to scrappy fabrics as long as I can see the plus and x sections clearly.

Draw a line diagonally on all D Blocks on wrong side of fabric.  I have provided the material for the D Blocks.

Place D Blocks on A Blocks as shown, watching carefully of placement.

Sew on marked lines.

Press corners open then, trim away underneath bulk, 1/4" from sewn diagonal line.

Press corners out and square to 4.5"

Layout pieces as shown. Time now to start piecing together.  Piece centre, top & bottom row.

Now sew rows together 

Press block.  I also pressed seems open on the back to avoid bulk. 

Square block to 10.5".  Voila your Block is finished.

Thank-you, I hope you found my Tutorial helpful.  Liz

Liz Dempsey

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