Sunday, 25 September 2016

September Meeting 2016

Heather J opened the September meeting by welcoming 15 members and 2 guests. Carol B and Robin it was nice to have you join us.

We got right down to business by discussing the "Time Out With Textiles" Dessert Party. All agreed it was a great success. The Applewicks candle Centerpieces from the evening are available for sale at $6.00 each.

Next up July's Queen Bee Helen collected her blocks from fellow beemates.

Then, August's Queen Bee Lucinda collected her blocks...

and September's Queen Bee Cathy gave out her block kits. The quilt pattern is called Sanctuary Squares and can be found here.

Liz brought forth October's Fat Quarter Swap. "Text  or Animals" is the theme this month and we have 10 members participating. Please bring your 10 FQ's (18"x22") to the October meeting in a bag with your name on it.

Liz also proposed a challenge on behalf of Susan who was unable to attend the meeting. Cantik Batiks "Homecoming" kits available for $25 (will be available at future meetings). 

 Susan has challenged us to do one using the fabrics in the kit to make it into whatever design you choose in any size you want (i.e. quilt, wall hanging, etc) and to have it finished for the March 2017 meeting so it can be part of the PEIMQG display at the Centreville, NS Quilt Show in May 2017.  It would  be wonderful to show some Canada pride given it is our country's 150th birthday.  What a display it would make!

Cathy signed up for this month's Book, Blog and Fabric. For Book she presented "Modern Heritage Quilts" by Amy Ellis.

For Blog she chose Fresh Lemons Quilts. Here is one of Cathy's favorite patterns found there.

For Fabric she chose a line called "Lucky" by Lotta Jansdotter and Windham Fabrics. Lotta has a blog and you can read more about her design inspiration here.

Jean will be the October Book, Blog, and Fabric speaker and a signup sheet is available to anyone who wants to share their Favorite BBF's.

Heather J discussed her hopes for future guest speaker/teacher Krista Hennebury to join us in May 2017 for a Trunkshow and Workshop day. Majority vote showed our interest in making this happen.

Back in January a challenge was put forth to create quilts inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. These are the results of that challenge. All completed projects are eligible for a viewer's choice vote, which is open to everyone and will be held in a seperate blog post.

Before each quilt is the photo of the inspiration behind each members quilt.

This inspired the following 3 quilts:

This photo inspired the following 2 quilts:

What a great showcase of talent and creativity! Great job everyone who contributed.

Future possible challenges/charity projects were also proposed: 

 "Stitching a Canadian Memory" info can be found here.

Also the "Canada's Big Quilt Bee" celebrating Canada's 150th birthday and benefitting Ronald MacDonald House, info can be found here
Heather hopes to have an upcoming sew-in day devoted to this charity project.

To finish off the meeting we had Show and Share:

Here's Velda showing us her Teal mini swap project that she received,

and here is the one she sent off.

Guest Robin had several projects to show us. First up this beauty. Love the cardinals and the Autumn colors!!

Next her "Hexagon Shuffle" quilt. Such a stunning design.

and her "Twisted Triangles" quilt. Tula Pink fabrics make this quilt shine.

Lastly she shared this super cute tote bag she made.

Guest Carol B also had a teal mini swap project to share.

and so did Catherine, inspired by Monet's "Lily Pads".

Roberta had a few items as well. This wallet:

Her "Snow Buds" wall hanging. So fun!

and her "Urban Pods" quilt.

Jean had a gorgeous Tula Pink Fat Quarter bundle" Slow and Steady", which she acquired on her holiday in British Columbia this summer.

Heather J showed us her completed quilt (which was a previous Queen Bee swap from 2015) based on a block tutorial from the Irish MQG website.

and her Tic, Tac, Toe Queen Bee Block quilt from the Beehive Quilts tutorial at

What a great meeting!! Stay tuned for the Frank Lloyd Wright Viewer's Choice vote.

Just a reminder about the upcoming October 8th Sew-In. We realize this falls on Thanksgiving weekend, but the West Royalty Sobeys space has been booked for members that would like to use it. 

Upcoming meetings:

The following two months Sew-In and Meetings are planned for the West Royalty Community Room, Sobeys, 39 Babineau Avenue, Charlottetown.  Save the dates.

October 8:  PEIMQG Sew-In (9-4pm)
October 27:  PEIMQG Meeting (7-9pm)
November 12: PEIMQG Sew-In (9-4pm)
November24: PEIMQG Meeting (7-9pm)

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Tips, Tools and Techniques September 2016

This month's Tips, Tools and Techniques is brought to us by Liz who was kind enough to share her quick demonstration of how to build a foundation string block: String blocks are a great way to use up scraps or fabrics that just aren't your favorites, cut small enough and everything is pretty and interesting again.

 To begin grab your choice of foundation. Some people use phone book paper or muslin are just a few options, if you are using paper set your stitch length smaller so the paper will tear away easier.

Centre fabric, face up, on the  middle of foundation piece. I'm not fussy I just eye ball centre.

Add next piece face down, ensure ends extend over foundation piece. Sew 1/4" seam, press open.

Repeat one half then do other half

Until foundation piece is covered.

Turn over and trim to desired size, this was 8.5"

Cut away excess..

Voila 8.5" square..all scrappy.

Put 4 together to make one big block, repeat till desired size.

I leave pre cut foundation pieces beside my sewing machine! And I make a few every now and then, and before you know you have a quilt and bonus it's all your left over pieces!  Sew Enjoy!

Liz Dempsey

Thanks Liz for showing us how to make foundation string blocks. These are beautiful and they look like a lot of fun!!! Thank you for sharing a Tip, Tool and Technique with us.

Reminder about upcoming PEIMQG events:

The following two months Sew-In and Meetings are planned for the West Royalty Community Room, Sobeys, 39 Babineau Avenue, Charlottetown.  Save the dates.

September 22:  PEIMQG Meeting 7-9 pm
October 8:  PEIMQG Sew-In 9-4 pm
October 27:  PEIMQG Meeting 7-9 pm
November 12: PEIMQG Sew-In 9-4 pm
November 24 :PEIMQG Meeting 7-9 pm

Sunday, 11 September 2016

September Sew-In 2016

As the summer comes to an end and the kiddies go back to school, we are holding on to some beautiful weather here on Prince Edward Island. For the September Sew-In we had a small group of 7 quilters attend and we even had a few gals drop in for a visit and a chat.

Marsha was working on her Disappearing Hourglass block, using the MSQC method for making HTS's.

Here's one of her lovely blocks:

Helen was working on these fantastic placemats, her grandaughters helped her choose the fabrics. I think they did a great job! (maybe we have some future quilters here).

Gail had some great ties she was getting ready for crazy quilted fan blocks, love some of her finds. Oldies but goodies!

Cathy was working on assembling her "Slats" blocks just one more color set to go and then she can start assembling. Yay!

Lucinda was doing some beautiful redwork embroidery on this festive trio, can't wait to see them when they are all done.

She also had some blocks for a baby pirate quilt, to work on, here's a pirate and treasure chest block coming along nicely. This is going to be super cute when it's finished.

Diane was assembling scrappy string blocks for a PEIMQG charity project. They are looking awesome! 

Velda was working on her #100days100blocks- a tula pink sampler sew along
and her blocks look amazing! We also got a sneak peak of her Queen Bee block and its really fun, Can't wait!

Heather J dropped by early in the day and brought along some family to see what we were up to, she also reminded us about the Frank Lloyd Wright challenge due at the September meeting and plans to have a viewers choice contest for the completed projects. It should be alot of fun.

Dawn and Colleen came by around lunch time for a visit. It was nice to see them during their busy day.  Well folks that wraps up our September Sew-In. We had a lot of fun and look forward to the September meeting.

The following two months Sew-In and Meetings are planned for the West Royalty Community Room, Sobeys, 39 Babineau Avenue, Charlottetown.  Save the dates.

September 22:  PEIMQG Meeting
October 8:  PEIMQG Sew-In
October 27:  PEIMQG Meeting