Monday, 13 February 2017

PEIMQG Sew-In February 2017

For the last few weekends, the PEIMQG members have been very busy working on a quilt to for Canada's 150th Celebration.  We have been coming together to have fun and work on completing the blocks needed to assemble this project.  What we needed was leaves, lots and lots of leaves. Big ones, small ones, and even some in between.  Here is the concept for what we want the quilt to look like.

Here's Liz making some Large Paper Pieced Leaves. .

For the medium sized Leaves we used a traditionally pieced block. Here's Linda cutting up all the pieces.  With all the pieces cut in advance these blocks came together very quickly.

Here's Velda , putting some blocks together, Looking good!!

  Next up we made wee little leaves, aren't these just so cute. Here is an assortment of the blocks we've made.

We have also made "slab blocks" of our background. These are a lot of fun to make. Here's Carol and Jean, working on some background.

Here's Liz adding another strip...

 Heather J sewing slabs and Dawn paper piecing.

We were all very excited to start laying out what we had made so far. Here's a start...

Coming together...

 Some rearranging....

Starting to sew it together...

 It's really starting to come together.... Here are a few more photos taken during the last few weeks. It's been fun to get together and work on this group project. Thanks to everyone who has helped by washing, cutting and ironing fabric. Sewing and trimming blocks, removing papers, and pressing seams. We should all be very proud of the work we have accomplished so far. Next Sunday we have another Sew-In scheduled, and should be well on our way to completing the top. Hope to see all hands on deck with sewing machines in tow.

The following Events are planned for the West Royalty Community Room, Sobeys, 39 Babineau Avenue, Charlottetown.  Save the dates.

February 19th:              PEIMQG Sew-In   (Sunday 12-6pm)

February 26th:              PEIMQG Meeting (7-9 pm)

March 11th:                  PEIMQG Sew-In (9-4 pm)


  1. Your Canada 150 quilts is going to be a show-stopper!