Friday, 26 June 2020

PEI Modern Quilt Guild June 2020 Guild Meeting

Another beautiful day on the island for our June meeting and we are moving into Phase IV of easing public health restrictions with the highly anticipated Atlantic Canada bubble on July 3rd.  Many of us have friends and family that we are looking forward to visiting or having them visit the Island.

Thirteen of our members popped into our zoom meeting this past Thursday night.  We really appreciate the advantages of the MQG membership allowing us to remain connected while physically distancing.  We have learned that our normal meeting space will not be available to us in the future given its size and our numbers to respect physical distancing rules.  So the search for a new meeting space will have to begin anew.

So here we all are at various times during the meeting.  It would appear we are a serious bunch!  We are excited about our retreat in mid-July (the pics below show us containing our excitement) so we are busily planning for this.  It is the one wonderful thing that is going ahead for those of our members planning to attend!  Yea!  Cannot wait!

We are exploring options to have virtual classes, so stay tuned for details on that front.

As always it is always fun to share what we are working on.  Here is Anna's "Checkered Lattice quilt" showcased against a fabulous backdrop. She quilted this beauty on her domestic machine, and the myriad of  fabrics which make up this quilt is fabulous.

Cathy has been busy quilting her tops on the Longarm of another guild member - Jean (and her husband Doug).  We will be watching this space to see what other tops she pulls out of her "flimsy closet" for quilting. This "Dancing Daisies" quilt top is a pattern written by Cathy and available on the modabakeshop.

Here is Cathy's 10 x 11 block "Farmer's Wife" quilt that she Longarm quilted.  She has advised us that she does not have a large enough wall to display this quilt.  I think a woman cave should be on her bucket list so she can design the wall space (or ceiling) on which to set this quilt.

Here's a close up picture.

Heather won April's Block Lotto blocks from her guild members - 91 in total.  This was put together this month and just needs to be bound.  It was also quilted on Jean and Doug's Longarm machine.

 Here is the pieced back, using the remainder of the blocks not used on the front.

Roberta has been prolific since our last meeting.  This quilt was Longarm quilted by Liz at Blueberry Cove LongArm Quilt Studio. Aren't these kitties adorable?

Roberta finished a number of landscapes.

The next batch were all embellished with her Embroidery machine. Amazing!!

Roberta is already planning her Christmas.  Here is her latest table runner.

Velda continues her monthly makes.  June is the month we see all the wildflowers out in full bloom (check out her recent post on this topic).  Here you see her modern take on the lupins which are prevalent in the ditches and roadsides island-wide.   On the left is the back and the right shows the front.  We will have to await the final showcase of these minis to see which side faces the viewer as she is still deciding which side of the quilt she prefers!

Virtual Facebook Sew-In - July 11, 2020
2nd Annual retreat - July 16-19, 2020
July meeting - July 23, 2020 (7 p.m.)

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Do What Makes Your Soul Shine

Hello it's Velda, from the Prince Edward Island Modern Quilt Guild (PEIMQG). Today I'm sharing the story about our 2020 QuiltCon Quilt.  Thank you Heather for asking me to do this.

Because I'm not sure how well some of our followers know us, let me begin by saying we are a small but busy bunch of quilters located in PEI Canada.  This was our 3rd QuiltCon Charity Quilt entry; and we are beyond proud of every one of them.

The MQG through its QuiltCon 2020's website invited member guilds to piece a quilt using a "Greyscale" colour way.  Specifically they suggested quilts should be pieced using the palette below.

and the Theme sent out was  "Text".


I'm not gonna lie, the theme was a tricky one for us because there were so many really outstanding ideas offered by our members.  We finally decided by a show of hands, which one we would make, but I'm confident all of the contenders would have made memorable quilts.

Our quilt design was inspired by a Sam Cannon Art Print.  The first tricky bit we dealt with was how to transform the feeling of the inspiration into a Quilt that meant something to us, and also communicated a positive message for the Charity that would receive it after its journey to QuiltCon.  Here is a black and white photo of the print that we used for Inspiration.

We put our heads together on a Saturday, in late September 2019, to come up with some guidelines.  We confirmed we wanted our quilt be a group effort.  We wanted to make sure everyone in our Guild felt a personal connection to the quilt and we wanted the finished quilt to be a collaboration of all our ideas. Finally, we wanted to make sure that our finished quilt would be something that would suit the needs of various charitable organizations.

So how did we make that happen?
  • I don't know about you, but it always makes me happy to look at a beautiful quilt and say "I have that exact fabric in my stash!" So, we asked our members if they wanted to donate some fabric to the quilt.  That way those that couldn't sew on the flimsy would be able to point to a piece of fabric and see a contribution they made.  We received TONS of fabric.  There were dark grey solids, ombre strips, black and white prints, solid black and white cotton and many many different snippets of text fabric.  FYI, there is NOTHING like a stack of fabric to get imaginations working overtime.
  • We knew text was the other piece we had to get "pitch perfect" if we were going to nail the challenge.  What would we say? We wanted it to be positive and upbeat.  It had to speak to our common goals and it had to be fully integrated on the quilt top.  There were so many great choices but after a show of hands we decided this message would resonate with a wide spectrum of people.  
"Do What Makes Your Soul Shine".
  • Text Alphabets....Holy Heck, there are so many fabulous options to pick from.  Sarah Fielke has an amazing new book that offers six fabulous choices; or we could do Improv letters, or seek out patterns from our members.   Precipitously, I had recently purchased an alphabet pattern from Linda at Paper Panache called A to Z, 1-2-3. After discussion and with the okay from the pattern designer, we chose to use this one because it was easy to paper-piece and simple to modify the size by printing the foundation pieced letters at more than 100%. Here is a little sample of what it looks like.

  • After we chose our message and our alphabet  it was very simple to divvy up the words and send everyone home with enough fabric and pattern pieces to build their words.  We decided every second letter must have a dark background and that the word "Shine" would be larger.   We agreed to meet again in a couple weeks and sew the words together and then piece them into the 'moon' fabric.
  • FYI, another way we chose to make sure all our Guild members were represented  was to ask them to select a leaf  and place it on the tree.  Many members and even a guest took us up on this and added a leaf to the tree.
  • One of our members, "Janice" is an amazing artist, so we begged and pleaded and cajoled her into agreeing to work her magic on the "TREE".  Simply put, all the rest of us were intimidated by this aspect of the quilt and were very very afraid that we didn't have the artistic savvy need to make this tree shine.  Thank Goodness for Janice. Best. GuildFriend. Ever.  

  • The whole group was simply gob-smacked by what she came back to us with. It was spectacularly perfect.  And, the next time we met, she pieced the tree into the flimsy and sewed down the leaves...all within a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon.
  • It was my responsibility to piece those simple curves on the bottom third of the quilt.     I am not afraid to admit that I was freaked out and terrified.  I am not gifted in the art of Improv and had never attempted something of this scale before. However, I couldn't let my Guild friends down, so  I put on my big girl swimsuit and dived in.  Fortunately things went.... swimmingly LOL.
  • By now it was almost the end of November.  Time was starting to run out because International Quilts had to be shipped early so they have lots of time to clear Customs, etc.  We needed to start a final push to finish the quilt in time to unveil it at the Annual Christmas Potluck at Heather J's house.  Here is a photo of us, at a sewing day after the final stitch to the body of the quilt went in and just before Janice worked her magic on the tree.  I think we look like proud parents, don't you?
Missing are all the rest of the Guild members who helped to make this beautiful quilt happen.

  • On November 21, we  gleefully handed the quilt flimsy over to Colleen H, a Guild member who is fearless with her LAQ machine.  Together with Linda T, she came up with an absolutely breathtaking uniquely personalized quilting plan. The quilting did NOT disappoint.  Its brilliant....modern starry skies interspersed with the words "Do What Makes Your Soul Shine" wafting across the sky.   Ahhhmazing. 
  • By mid-December, all that was left to do was make and sew on the binding.  Three members offered to take on this piece of the quilt making process.  Seriously there was a tussle over who would take the quilt home to bind! In the end, we left it in Janet's talented hands and within a day or so, the quilt was bound to perfection (right down to expertly matching the binding to fabric - way to go Janet!)
  • Within a couple more days, the show labels were printed and sewn on as per QuiltCon's rules.  We mailed it off to Amanda at the Austin MQG address on December 23, 2019.  Naturally we took a picture of the quilt before we mailed it off.  Here it is!  Beautiful!  I'm sure you agree.

It is back in our hands now and we're glad it home safe (just like all of us).

And that's the story of how our Guild pieced a quilt to share with the world and then were blessed with the opportunity to give it away to a person or group who needs it. 

It makes my soul shine!

Sunday, 31 May 2020

PEI Modern Quilt Guild May 2020 Guild Meeting

Wow, we welcomed a new member over the past month and actually had warm spring like weather on our meeting day.  We had a small but mighty (and fun loving) crowd at the virtual meeting tonight as members were involved in other activities.  We are lucky to be on the island as we have been easing up on public health restrictions.  We will be moving into to Phase III and looking forward to supporting businesses as they open their doors.

First off, we had to make silly here we all are...having a good laugh.

We quickly moved to the business aspect of the meeting and discussed the block lotto with a reminder they are due in June.  We also got an update on our pouch swap with the Victoria MQG.

Here is our raffle quilt, in our guild colours, fresh off Colleen Henderson's long arm machine and the detail shot is below.  After discussion, the members present agreed we would defer our raffle until the 2021 guild year.  The pattern is Lilla, by Cheryl Arkison and Lotta Jansotter.

We also discussed having a virtual quilt show in the fall where members could showcase one quilt as all the venues where we would enter our quilts this summer have been cancelled.  More to come on this idea as we flesh it out further.

For our program, we took advantage of the share screen feature to showcase some of the features of the MQG website.

Then we moved into the show and tell aspect of our meeting.

Here is Jean's Love from Above, a Charley Harper pattern.  Jean quilted it on her long arm and we all admired the quilt.

Here is Linda's CQA Row by Row Quilt.  It is coming along!

Lucinda has been working away at stash busting.   Here are two of her works in progress.

Janice shared her Quilt for Nova Scotia, which the Maritime MQG is organizing following the recent tragedy in that province.  Janice machine quilted this quilt on her domestic machine.  Here are photos of the front and back.

Roberta has been very prolific during the pandemic period.  Here are her quilts: 
This is Red Guess and was quilted by Colleen Henderson.

This is Roberta's block of the month sampler called Spotted More Paper by Zen Chick and was quilted by Blueberry Cove Long Arm Quilting Studio.

Some small quilts - about 7"x 9" that Roberta made.

Roberta's Maple Leaf runner that she quilted. 

A fabulous summer beach scene.

So that was our May meeting.  We will continue to hold our virtual sew-in on June 13 and hold our meeting on June 25, 2020.  Further details as to whether it will be an in-person meeting or virtual.
Until next time...

Saturday, 9 May 2020

May 2020 Stay in Place Sew-In and Virtual lunch break

Here on PEI, we are extremely fortunate during this pandemic. Every one of the 27 cases are recovered and there have been no hospitalizations or death.  We are grateful.  As a result, public health restrictions have eased and we are now allowed 5 people to enter and 10 to gather outside our homes.  As a result, some of our members were happy for the opportunity to see family today inside, since the weather is frightful!  A perfect day to work on our projects too!

Here we are at various times during our lunch break.  Next time the president will signal a funny faces pose so we can capture that moment!  😉

We all had various projects at different stages of completion.  Here are Anna's and Cathy's temperature quilts for 2020 up until the end of April.  Looking good ladies.  Always wonderful to have a partner to motivate us to complete.

Jean quilted her quilt, Love from Above, a Charley Harper design, on her long arm machine with a panto called Diagonal Plaid.  Beautiful.

Linda's top using the no waste method of making flying geese. It was an opportunity to delve into her batik stash to make a dent in it using the Remixed Geese pattern from Robert Kaufman.  She is working on her next row of the CQA Row by Row Quilt Along.

Lucinda was also working on her flying geese.

Janice was trying to finish a baby quilt for a good friend's new grandson.

Colleen finished quilting her foxes on her long arm and Dawn agreed to bind it!  All done, yea!  Here are pictures of the quilt on the machine and finished binding.  It is not often Colleen has the opportunity to get her quilt done in among her client's quilts.

Liz was working on her flying geese to add to her borders.

And here they are on the flimsy! This is the Unity quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Liz isn't the only  PEIMQG member participating in this free Quilt Along.

Last month, Heather won the block lotto.  As she receives the blocks, she's been playing with the layout on the design wall.

Today, Heather, was working on her mini for her CQA swap partner.  It has to be in the mail early June so we will have to wait until after her partner receives it before we see it here.

Velda was not sewing with us today, however she was kept busy with quilt related things.  She worked on her blog post: Simple Shapes = Fabulous Finishes.  Check it out at:

She also recently received this lovely assortment of fabrics from Troll Brothers Quilt Designs

We will be having a virtual guild meeting again this month and we will see what the future holds for all of us to come back together again in person. 

Now, if only Mother Nature would cooperate for Mother's Day and not send us snow tonight...until next time...