Wednesday, 2 August 2017

PEIMQG July 2017 Monthly Meeting

Summer here in PEI is in full swing!!! The days have been chock full of sunshine, and I'm sure everyone has been enjoying time at the beach, and soaking up the Vitamin D. Am I the only one wishing for a bit of rain???

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting. Dawn, Heather J. and Colleen made sure I got the whole scoop on what I missed though.

Heather J. opened the meeting by welcoming 15 members.  She reminded members that everyone was at different stages of their quilting journey, so in order for all to enjoy the meetings, asks that one person talk at a time and if anyone needs to hand off items, etc. to other members, please do so before or after the meetings.

We are so excited that Paul Leger will be here October 26th, 2017 for a Trunk show, held at the Hillsborough Hall Community Centre. More details to follow.


Cheryl Atkinson will be here in PEI October 2018.We will be hosting a Trunkshow in lieu of our October 2018 meeting. Stay tuned for the location and times.

We have lots of Quilt Shows and Exhibitions coming up...
Fibre Arts brochures were passed out.
We also had a reminder about the St. Paul's Quilt Show in September. We encourage everyone to enter something!!
I hope to see some awesome quilts from the PEIMQG at Old Home Week too.

Tips & Tricks:

Heather J. brought in some of her favorite rulers to demonstrate for us. She showed us her "BlocLoc", mini 3 1/2" and "Quilt in a Day" rulers. She then gave a demo on her HST ruler, used for trimming perfect HSTs.

Susan showed us her Easy Angle HST ruler.

Heather J. also showed us a 2 color binding method using 1" for front fabric and 2" for the back fabric, and a mitered join.

Beginning in August, Cathy will be presenting Tips & Tricks related to the upcoming PEIMQG Mystery Quilt-Along.

Queen Bee:

Susan was June's Queen Bee. She received these Kindred Pinwheels blocks:

Dianne has requested that her beemates make these super cute blocks:

We were all very excited to see the results of our Round Robin Challenges!!! After 6 months of moving from member to member, the original owners were finally able to see their completed projects. 

Here's Helen's


Heather C's

Heather J's






and Cathy's (that's mine!! and I had to wait a whole week before I got to see it. Way to keep it a secret guys!!!) BTW I love it!!!

Now, we have until the December potluck to complete our Round Robin challenge, for a chance to win a fun prize. We have the option of adding to it, or leaving it as is. Anyone who brings in a quilted and bound Round Robin project will have a chance to win.

Show & Share:

We even had some non Round Robin goodies to share too!!
Check out Lucinda's pretty butterfly quilt,

and Gail had these 2 quilts to share.

Lydea brought in her awesome fish project. It looks fantastic!!

Dawn had a fish to share too. Love them ladies, your fish make me smile!!

Helen had this super adorable Flamingo quilt. I just love Elizabeth Hartman patterns.

Here's Heather J's King size quilt.

and closer to show the quilting

Lastly, Roberta shared this Canada wall hanging, perfect for this past Canada day!

Well, it looks like I missed a fantastic meeting.  I wish I had been there to see everyone's reaction to their Round Robin Projects. 

Thank you so much Dawn, Heather and Colleen for helping me with notes and photos for the blog.

~ Cathy

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  1. Awesome post! I was only able to stay for part of the meeting, so it was great to catch the rest of the story.