Saturday, 17 September 2016

Tips, Tools and Techniques September 2016

This month's Tips, Tools and Techniques is brought to us by Liz who was kind enough to share her quick demonstration of how to build a foundation string block: String blocks are a great way to use up scraps or fabrics that just aren't your favorites, cut small enough and everything is pretty and interesting again.

 To begin grab your choice of foundation. Some people use phone book paper or muslin are just a few options, if you are using paper set your stitch length smaller so the paper will tear away easier.

Centre fabric, face up, on the  middle of foundation piece. I'm not fussy I just eye ball centre.

Add next piece face down, ensure ends extend over foundation piece. Sew 1/4" seam, press open.

Repeat one half then do other half

Until foundation piece is covered.

Turn over and trim to desired size, this was 8.5"

Cut away excess..

Voila 8.5" square..all scrappy.

Put 4 together to make one big block, repeat till desired size.

I leave pre cut foundation pieces beside my sewing machine! And I make a few every now and then, and before you know you have a quilt and bonus it's all your left over pieces!  Sew Enjoy!

Liz Dempsey

Thanks Liz for showing us how to make foundation string blocks. These are beautiful and they look like a lot of fun!!! Thank you for sharing a Tip, Tool and Technique with us.

Reminder about upcoming PEIMQG events:

The following two months Sew-In and Meetings are planned for the West Royalty Community Room, Sobeys, 39 Babineau Avenue, Charlottetown.  Save the dates.

September 22:  PEIMQG Meeting 7-9 pm
October 8:  PEIMQG Sew-In 9-4 pm
October 27:  PEIMQG Meeting 7-9 pm
November 12: PEIMQG Sew-In 9-4 pm
November 24 :PEIMQG Meeting 7-9 pm

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