Saturday, 3 September 2016

Guest Blogger September 2016

I sure hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have another great guest blogger today....
Hi everyone! I am Katy Devlin, known online as LethargicLass(, and I live in our beautiful nation's capital. I started quilting six years ago as something to do when I quit smoking and haven't looked back since. I am one of the founding members of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild and I am so proud to be able to say that. Our guild has provided friendships and opportunities that wouldn't have happened otherwise. For instance, I now do a lot of sewing of quilt tops for Libs Elliott and even made one for her that was at Quilt Market! 

 I also am going to be having my first pattern published in Make Modern in December. 

I do a lot of behind the scenes pattern testing for people and I am the proofreader for several pattern designers.


   1.What do you love about  (Modern) quilting?

I love that it is still evolving and new ideas  are coming out of people's incredibly creative minds every day.
  2. Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from many other quilters and social media as most of us do. I also have 8 graph paper notebooks on the go where I sketch every idea that comes to me. Sometimes it is just enough to get them on paper, sometimes I tweak them constantly and sometimes I end up making them.

   3. What are you currently working on? (Can we have a sneak peek?)

Right now I am working on a mini for a friend of mine whom I am meeting up with at a retreat in a week or so. The pattern comes from McCall's Quilting and is by Amy Gibson, it is called Apple Blossom. This the first sewing I have done for myself for awhile as we made quilts for refugees, then I had Quilt Market sewing and now we are doing quilts for the Fort Mac evacuees.

4. Solids or Prints?

Both! I love scrappy with prints and organised with solids.

   5. Precuts or Stash?

Neither! More new fabric :) Actually, I have been trying to use stash more as mine is enormous.

   6. Favorite Tool/Trick you can’t live without?

I love glue basting! I use it for zippers, binding, hemming, EPP, everything. I use both liquid and stick depending on the project.
 7. What’s your Favorite Blog and/or Designer?

 My favourite blog is Her makes are always very cheerful, and like me she likes to work with tiny pieces.  My favourite designer for fabrics is and for patterns

   8. What’s one thing we should know about you?

 I love dachshunds!! I am forever coming up with new ideas on how to use them in everything lol.


  1. Love your ombré oblongs! I'd love to have that pattern! I'm definitely going to read your favorite blog. And I'm ashamed to admit that I'm kinda fickle as regards designer fabrics, I try not to pick favorites as there are so many gawjeous modern fabric designs by so many designers. Going to visit yours right after I finish this comment.

  2. I too love your pattern! Your work is amazing, I'm off to visit the sites you mentioned. Thanks so much for being on the blog!