Friday, 19 August 2016

Tips, Tools, and Techniques August 2016

For this month's Tips, Tools and Techniques, I'd like to bring your attention to the Side kick ruler by Jaybird Quilts.

 I purchased this ruler to make a specific quilt pattern, but was inspired by the versatility of the different shapes that can be cut from the same size strips. Here are some pictures of the ruler in action:

60 degree triangles:


And this half-Triangle works as the end pieces or can be joined together to make triangles, etc:

The triangle pieces can be joined together to make half hexagons:

You can join 2 half-triangle pieces to triangles as well:

The possibilities are endless, and alot of fun. Here are some of the different pieces layed out:

Here is the layout I decided on:

Add a couple of borders and you have a great placemat, mug rug or wall hanging:

As you can see there are alot of fun possibilities with this ruler, not to mention the amazing patterns available from  Jaybird Quilts.  This is the one I am making:

And here are a few of the blocks I've made so far:

Well folks I hope this tool review has shown you the versatility of the Sidekick ruler.


  1. Can't wait to see your blocks all together in your quilt!

  2. I like your color choices and the black background. Amish revisited! Great work!

  3. So pretty and such a cool ruler/tool. We should consider having a tool lending library like the other Guild does. There are so many really cool tools for modern quilters and while I love many of them, I'm not sure I'd buy them all, but I'd certainly borrow one if it was available to me.

    1. This is certainly something to discuss at the next meeting perhaps.