Saturday, 6 August 2016

Guest Blogger August 2016

We have an exciting event happening this month.  For this month's guest blogger I would like to introduce Sharon Baldwin, who just so happens to be the guest speaker for our 1st Annual Dessert Party.  

 Here is a bit of her background....

Sharon was taught to sew at an early age by her very creative mother and later became a traditional quilt maker.

While living in the UK she was able to study City & Guilds Embroidery, Art and Design and take a course on Dye, Design, Stitch with Leslie Morgan a noted UK textile artist.

Since retiring, textile art has become a full time obsession and a passion for colour has led to dyeing and printing her own fabric for creating art quilts.

She is inspired by the fabric itself, the scenery around Nova Scotia and her garden. She has displayed her work in many British Guild shows, Earls Court UK and numerous museums and galleries in Nova Scotia.

She is a member of TARTS, a small textile art group in the Valley, N.S.



    1. What do you love about quilting?

Being a Textile Artist. I use hand dyed fabrics as a background to screen print my designs. My art is all about feeling the emotion of a time or place.

    2. Where do you draw inspiration?

Scenery, especially trees, inspires my impressionistic landscape textiles, which is another series that I work on.

   3. What are you currently working on? (Can we have a sneak peak?)

At the moment, I am working on some mixed media pieces to incorporate into my Roadside Weed Series.

   4. Solids or Prints (What types of fabric do you use)?

I love to dye and print fabric and threads, and this has lead me to do fabric art inspired by the scenery around the Maritimes. 
   5. Favorite Tool or Trick you can't live without?

I enjoy keeping an art journal of my impressions and use this as a starting point from where most of my ideas develop.

   6. What or Who is your favorite Blog/Designer/Artist?

There are so many artists who inspire me, but Sandra Meech (Textile Artist)and Edward Hopper (painter) are my current favorites.

   7. What's one thing we should know about Sharon?

Sharon is going to be the guest speaker at a Dessert Party hosted by the PEIMQG this August 25th from 7-9pm. We are very excited to meet her and think her Trunk show will be too good to miss.  Get in touch if you would like to get tickets to this fabulous event. There will also be a silent auction, door prize and of course lots of fabulous desserts.


    1. Well done, Cathy. You captured Sharon's personality and passion for her very unique work. I am looking so forward to spending an evening with her, sharing her trunk show with Islanders and the process she journeys through to produce such wonderful, creative fabric art!!

      1. Thank you Susan. I can't wait to meet her too.

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    3. Great blog, but too bad I missed seeing Sharon at the Dessert Party. Her work looks amazing!

      1. Her pieces are absolutely stunning, hopefully we will get to see her again soon.