Saturday, 18 June 2016

Tips,Tools and Techniques June 2016

This is a new segment for our blog, where members can pass on some of their favorite Tips, Tools and Techniques. To kick things off and show an example of what I mean I'd like to start of with a Tip.

Bonus Half Triangle Squares TIP:

I'm sure most of us know of the stitch and flip method for snowballing corners.  What some of us may not realize, is how much we waste by throwing the excess from said corners away.....So here's my tip:

When you draw a line from corner to corner, add a second line 3/8" or so away as well.

After you sew the first line turn them right around and sew the second line too.  It takes very little time to do. If you wait to do it later,you will probably just toss them in the scrap bin. So do it right after you sew the first line. Then just cut between the 2 sewn lines.

What does this little bit of extra time yield? A whole bunch of BONUS HTS's (half triangle squares).

 They just need to be pressed and trimmed to a usable size. 

Then put them together into some fun HTS blocks, and there are tons of different varieties...

So what?, You may say. But add a few more blocks or some sashing and the next thing you know, you have a sweet little quilt. Perfect for a table runner, pillow, baby quilt or wall hanging.  

It could have ended up in the garbage bin.

Okay folks, now its your turn... Have a favorite ruler you'd like us to know about? Know a way to do perfect machine binding.  Let me know and we can create a blogpost featuring your favorite TIP, TOOL and TECHNIQUES.