Monday, 20 June 2016

Book Review June 2016

Hi everyone!!! I'd like to introduce a new feature for the PEIMQG blog- Book/ Pattern Reviews.  I'm always glad to have an honest review of something before I buy it. Jean has kindly offered to write the first Review for us.  Thank you Jean!!! I look forward to future reviews from the other member of the PEIMQG.

Scraps, Inc. Volume 2, 15 scrap-Pieced Designs for the Modern Quilter, (Lucky Spool Media, 2015) is a new project –based quilt book featuring 15 unique designs and designers.


I borrowed this book from the public library and it is now at the top of my summer shopping list. Filled with colour photos of completed quilts this is a joy to read. The 15 projects have clear material lists, cutting instructions, assembly, and finishing tips and there are lots of photos and diagrams to make the instructions easy to understand.

There is nothing tricky and all use tried and true methods to achieve awesome results. Peppered throughout are “Quilter to Quilter” snippets - hints to make things easier as you work through a project. Each designer includes past scrap inspired quilt stories that may inspire you to check out websites, tutorials and books that they loved. This book has projects for everyone whether it is improv, appliqué, template based, or paper pieced. I’m sure you will be inspired by at least one, two or three of these quilts. I know one of them is in my future!

Jean MacKie

PEIMQG member


  1. Thanks, Jean, for the review. I will check it out of library and put it on my shopping list as well. Im always looking for a way to use up scraps.

  2. Is this the beginning ok I saw at Susan's house. If so, I am going to look for it too. Love that predominately grey quilt in the above picture. Does anyone know it's name?