Saturday, 21 January 2017

Guest Blogger January 2017

I am so excited to share the following guest blogger with our readers. Her talent and generosity is an inspiration to me and many others. She's a prolific quilter, author and fabric designer. Her latest partnership with Craftsy shows her fun personality and sense of humor. I think the Midnight Quilt Show is a huge success and can hardly wait for the next installment in this weekly series. Please welcome Angela Walters to our blog this month and be inspired by her beautiful work and fun personality!!!

 Here is Angela's "Impracticality" Quilt. Love that texture!!


  1. What do you love about  (Modern) quilting?

I love how quilting can add another layer of art to the quilt and Modern quilting gives me a chance to do that.

"Paint Falls" by Angela Walters
  1. Where do you draw inspiration?

I get alot of inspiration from my customers, which give me so many great ideas. I also love to look at architecture, looking at buildings, especially when I travel.

  1. What are you currently working on? (Can we have a sneak peek?)

More episodes for the Midnight Quilt Show and some other stuff I can’t quite share yet.

  1. Solids or Prints?

Prolids!! Just kidding!! Is it ok if I love them equally?

  1. Precuts or Stash?

Precuts, so I can get to the best part, QUILTING, quicker!!!

  1. Favorite Tool/Trick you can’t live without?

My Handi Quilter straight edge ruler! I use it for stitch in the ditch, smoothing out the quilt, and making diagonal lines.

  1. What’s your Favorite Blog and/or Designer?

Tula Pink!

"Peaks and Valleys" by Tula Pink
"Stacked" by Tula Pink
  1. What’s one thing we should know about you?

I’m not a perfectionist, at all!

Thanks Angela for the great post!! Everybody be sure to check out her blog for fantastic tips and tutorials on improving your quilting skills. I also love how her personality really shows in her blogposts. She seems to be a very humble and gracious person, who deserves every bit of success that has come her way.