Sunday, 20 November 2016

Tips, Tools, and Techniques November 2016

For this month's Tips, Tools, and Techniques, I thought I would share a Tip:

Is anyone else like me?? When I finally finish quilting a project I dread making the binding. It just seems to put the brakes on the flow of the project. Why not spend some time making bindings so you have some readily available when you need them and you can get those projects finished!! How to decide which fabrics become bindings?

Some fabrics just scream bindings to me,

While others become bindings because of the amount that I have left, cutoffs from quilt backings,Or because I just don't like the fabric that much anymore. Even ugly fabric can become great again when it appears small enough.( Really what was I thinking 5 meters of this monstrosity???)

And remember, by using up that fabric as binding, you free up room in your stash for newer fabrics to love.

No more excuses. I'm finally putting the binding on this humongous quilt, that Liz Dempsey quilted for me eons ago.

I'd love to hear what everyone else's dreaded quilt related tasks are. See you at the Meeting!!!

November 24th (7-9 pm) West Royalty Sobeys.


  1. I love striped bindings. Csnt wait to see it finished!

  2. I love doing the bindings. This week I went to get my bindings that I thought were made for at least 2 of 3 quilts. If I was lucky maybe the third was there. But, nothing. Nada. Not one in sight. As of an hour ago all 3 were made and attached. Finally, days later Im on to the really fun part, hand sewing them.
    Now, I hate labels....

    1. yeah, I am pretty bad at the label thing. Haven't found I method I really love.