Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tips,Tools and Techniques October 2016

For this month's Tips, Tools and Techniques, I've decided to focus on a book review, books are a great tool for quilters.

"Modern Heritage Quilts-New Classics for Every Generation" by Amy Ellis.  This book has beautiful photos and instructions that are easy to follow and understand.

  At the beginning of the book Amy Ellis talks a little about collecting scraps and color consideration. She also provides suggestions for sorting and storing her fabrics. She offers her tips on improvisational piecing, sewing curves and how best to incorporate negative space.

Some of the patterns require templates, which are included in the book so you can trace or photocopy them as you wish.

"What makes a scrap quilt successful?" Amy asked some of her quilty friends and you'll find those quotes in this book as well.

There are 12 quilts in the book, and she breaks down the patterns in 2 ways. The traditional method, where yardage and cutting instructions are given for the entire project. Or the "One at a Time" method, which is great for anyone who has limited time to commit to sewing or who wants to scrap bust from their stash.

Some of my favorites from the book are:

" The Comfort Quilt". This design uses the popular plus block in 2 different sizes, lots of great low volume neutrals and space for some creative quilting.

"Serendipity". With improvisational piecing to use up those strings and scraps, and templates to achieve perfect points this quilt is fun and dynamic.

"Chic Mania". Take a simple block and make it modern by using it in 3 different sizes. What a fantastic way to show off your favorite novelty prints.

"Brilliance". I love the clean simplicity of this quilt, the bright prints sparkle against the solid background. Definitely a case of less=more.

"Mingle". This design showcases just a handful of prints and Low volume fabrics, in a dramatic way. The template instructions make this quilt easy to put together.

Which is why, it is the 1st quilt from this book that I am making... Here are the handful of blocks I put together this weekend.

I am really happy with this book, it has lots of quilts I want to make, and has created some ideas for some quilt designs of my own.


  1. Great information, Cathy. I love the blocks you are making, i defently will put this book on my MUST HAVE list

  2. Thanks Cathy for a very clear, concise book review and the graphics provided too! Looking forward to seeing your Mingle blocks/pieced top later this week!
    Keep piecing!!

  3. I have picked up the book and it looks great, but I am looking at her yardage requirements and her quantities seem WAY high.

    1. I haven't looked at the fabric requirements in any detail,Please let us know if you find this to be true, which quilt?? or do you mean all of them?